Ernest Maier's Site Solutions Divisionpresented PaveDrain as an alternative solution to Landesign. By modifying the base depth of clean stone in different areas of the service road and modeling the storage capacity of the arch in the PaveDrain block, Landesign, Inc. utilized PaveDrain to solve various point source issues presented at St. John's.

A PaveDrain service road could not only infiltrate direct rainfall on the 8,000 square foot service road, but also to infiltrate the rainfall from the 16,500 square feet of roof and patio adjacent to this service road. The PaveDrain solution designed for the stormwater management challenge saved St. John's $50,000 in their upfront construction costs from its original “detain and convey” design and will infiltrate 600,000 gallons or 80,000 cubic feet of rainfall annually.

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For the unique stormwater challenges at St. John's, Landesign engineered a system utilizing a roof runoff drain system that discharged water into the base of the PaveDrain system. At St. John's, the infiltration test showed a soil infiltration rate of .7 inches per hour. In the roof runoff discharge area, Landesign specified a base depth in excess of four feet of #2 stone to accommodate the stormwater from the adjacent impervious surfaces.

Unlike competing systems, the PaveDrain system at St. John's allows the stone base to be used as a "retention and infiltration pond." On other projects with lower infiltration rates, the stone base in the PaveDrain system can be used in detention and conveyance.

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The service road behind the cafeteria required a sturdy surface capable of daily abuse from large food delivery and garbage haulers. The surface of over 8,000 sq. ft. is used to drain over 16,500 sq. ft of additional impermeable surface on the site. The service road also acts as overflow parking during sporting and other events at the school.

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Faithful to the charism of St. John Baptist de La Salle, St. John's College High School is an independent Catholic college preparatory school whose mission is to provide an excellent academic and Christian education in an environment that welcomes diversity, enlightens our students, and forms the foundation of an education that lasts a lifetime.

St. John's is a community of faith and zeal with dedicated Lasallian educators committed to the spiritual, academic, cultural, physical and moral development of every student. Rooted in Christian values, the Lasallian experience at St. John's prepares young men and women for a life of leadership, achievement and service to the community.

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