World Water Hub Success Story: PaveDrain & Doug Buch - Building it Better

While driving north on I-65 in the fall of 2007, Doug Buch had an epiphany. So he pulled over, sketched up his innovative idea and today he's the CEO of PaveDrain® - a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block (P-ACB) system that creates a performance pavement that integrates its patented arched reservoir to maximize on-site stormwater capacity. From his days working as a consultant for ECS (Erosion Control & Stormwater) Solutions, Buch knew the importance of infiltrating stormwater back into the ground and the micro-ecosystem that thrives in the open graded aggregate beneath permeable systems.

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PaveDrain featured in October Edition of Municipal Water Leader

Managing stormwater runoff is a significant challenge for municipal water entities. Large areas of impermeable concrete inhibit the absorption of stormwater into the ground, causing water to pool and increasing the potential for flodding. Permeable blocks provide a solution to that problem by allowing water to flow under the surface. The articulated and arched design of PaveDrain bricks allow water to filter into rock bedding beneath them and eventually back into the water table.

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Turning a Profit with Sustainable Storm Water Practices

November/December 2015 - Developers have been conditioned to compromise on projects in order to set aside room for storm water management facilities. The engineering community has become adept at squeezing in networks of pipe and ponds to comply with federal, state and local storm water regulations.

This mindset is costing developers millions of dollars for the purchase of land for storm water facilities (2 to 3 acres) and in lost revenue that could have been generated by selling and leasing more space or from having smaller production space. Municipalities may achieve storm water objectives by requiring developments to construct storm water ponds, but lose significant tax dollars on storm water facilities that have little value or are non-taxable.

SOURCE: John B. Ferris, Storm Water Solutions

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PaveDrain Featured on Channel 8 for the reconstruction of Dover Court in Davenport, Iowa

Davenport, Iowa - Just under 16,000 square feet of the PaveDrain system was installed this past fall by a local utilities contractor for the reconstruction of Dover Court in Davenport, Iowa. The PaveDrain system and underlying geosynthetic base stabilization was distributed by Quick Supply Company out of Des Moines, Iowa and manufactured in nearby Eldridge, Iowa by regional block manufacturer King's Materials. Additional projects utilizing the PaveDrain system are planned by the City of Davenport in the near future.

PaveDrain In the Spotlight

Municipalities across the country may have a fresh solution for stormwater runoff in PaveDrain. The Wisconsin-based company sells permeable, arch-shaped pavement that maximizes onsite stormwater capacity during heavy rain and expects to install more than 1 million square feet of its product in 2014. The main architect of the PaveDrain system, CEO and founder Doug Buch, recently went "In the Spotlight" with PitchBook TV as part of our "On the Scene in Wisconsin" series to discuss the company's product, background and future.

SOURCE: Cristine Carlton, Pitchbook Blog

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PaveDrain, LLC Announced as Winner of Imagine H2O Competition

MARCH 19, 2013 - PaveDrain, LLC announced as winner of the Early Revenue Track of the 2012 Imagine H2O Consumer Innovations Business Plan Contest.

“Imagine H2O is a global conduit for water entrepreneurship and innovation,” explains Tamin Pechet, the organization's Chairman and Co-Founder. “Our programs support entrepreneurs who establish financially viable solutions while creating jobs and generating economic activity.”

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Ford Motor Company Selects The Pavedrain System To Complete Permeable Parking Lot Surface

Ford Motor Company has a long, distinguished history of innovative solutions in the automobile industry. Their use of a new permeable performance pavement for their Louisville production facility continues this innovative tradition. The PaveDrain System was chosen as a sustainable stormwater solution for their 1 billion dollar plant renovation for the all new, re-designed 2012 Ford Escape.