PaveDrain Design Assistance

PaveDrain Design Objective

The stone reservoir immediately beneath the PaveDrain System is ¾" clean angular stone (#57 Stone) with no fines. The depth of this first stone reservoir beneath the PaveDrain System ranges from 6"-10" based on the soil conditions, anticipated loading and storm water volumes. Additional stormwater storage can be achieved by adding an additional layer of larger diameter (2"-3") stone to the required depth.

A geogrid or woven monofilament geotextile layer is STRONGLY recommended below the bottom layer of stone to maintain a clean stone reservoir and enhance structural stability. Please contact PaveDrain, LLC for geosynthetic recommendations.

Void space for stone varies from 30% on ¾" clean stone and up to 40% for 2-3" clean stone.

PaveDrain, LLC will provide a mat layout of the project and recommended mat sizes to optimize job efficiency and improve cost. A standard mat size measures 8' x 18.0' long.


PaveDrain permeable paving supported by HydroCAD

HydroCAD-10 provides direct support for the PaveDrain system of permeable articulating concrete block mats. This allows the storage and infiltration capabilities of PaveDrain installations to be easily modeled with HydroCAD.

The PaveDrain can be modeled with HydroCAD-10, which provides an interactive chamber wizard for easy layout, pricing, and modeling of modular storage systems.

To learn more about modeling PaveDrain with Hydrocad click here, to download and install the program click here.