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Did you Know?

Rainfall in the U.S.:

According to the U.S. E.P.A. Ninety percent of rain events in the U.S. never exceed ½ inch of rain per hour. A permeable pavement would capture this...

Did you Know?

Stormwater Runoff:

According to the U.S. EPA, 40 percent of the U.S. rivers, lakes and estuaries are pollution-impaired and almost half of this problem is due to stormwater runoff. A permeable pavement would help to solve this...

Did you Know?

Stormwater Pollution:

The three largest sources of stormwater pollution are: agriculture, urban runoff and sediment from construction sites. A permeable paving surface would fix urban runoff...

Did you Know?

Soil and Silt:

When stormwater runoff contains soil and silt, the temperature increases and changes occur in the aquatic habitat and food supply. A permeable paving surface would lower the temperature...

Did you Know?

Untreated Stormwater:

Untreated stormwater runoff may contain decaying leaves and other organic materials that increase bacteria and mosquito production and decrease oxygen essential for fish life. A permeable paving surface may solve this...

Did you Know?

Where Storm Drains Lead:

The U.S. EPA estimates that approximately 70 percent of all storm drains lead directly to rivers, lakes and estuaries. This contaminated stormwater is never treated. A permeable paving surface would treat this stormwater runoff.

Did you Know?

Stormwater Pollution:

Stormwater pollution is the largest cause of pollution in the U.S. A permeable paving surface would solve this...

Did you Know?

Paved Parking vs Meadow:

According to one site study conducted by the U.S. EPA, the total volume of stormwater runoff from a 1-inch of rain event was 16 times GREATER for a 1 acre paved parking lot than that generated from a 1-acre meadow.

This appears to be a HOT idea! Watch the video >

The PaveDrain® Difference

Why the PaveDrain System

Closeup of PaveDrain BlockThe PaveDrain System is a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block/Mat (P-ACB/M) that creates a performance pavement that integrates the patented arched reservoir to maximize onsite stormwater capacity during extreme storm events.

This improves the typical storm hydrograph and increases environmental performance while reducing stormwater infrastructure costs. The PaveDrain mats can be pre-assembled in a variety of configurations customized for specific applications and installed very quickly with conventional construction equipment.

The PaveDrain System allows for a more natural (vertical) infiltration path, recharging local groundwater and reducing first flush pollutants. By reducing a typical storm hydrograph while also filtering out suspended sediments this combination of Best Management Practices (BMP's) illustrate stellar life-cycle cost savings, clearly making the PaveDrain System a superior choice for effective stormwater management.

Additional Benefits

  • Available in several color options
  • Fast, economical installation for intersection construction or retrofits of existing parking lots
  • No seams to catch on blades of a snow plow
  • Available in multiple mat sizes for customized applications
  • Regional manufacturing supporting local economies
  • Adaptable to small areas where retention ponds are not practical

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The Clean Water Act

As part of the Clean Water Act, the U.S. EPA developed the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to improve water quality by regulating point source pollution that discharges into water of the U.S. The vast majority of storm water drainage systems are considered to be point sources.

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